We take pride in offering a transparent affiliate program. Please take the time to read the following payment tiers to better understand how you'll be profiting from joining our Shapewaist team.

These are the different Affiliates Payment Tiers:

Tier 1:

Affiliate refers $499.99 USD or less within 30 days. You will receive 10% of your sales. Simple, clean and transparent.

If Affiliate reaches a volume of sales of $2,500.00 in a period of 6 months. Affiliate will then qualify for a Cash bonus of $125.00 even though the minimum required of $499.99 monthly was not met.

Sales do not include shipping and taxes. The percentage is calculated based on the dollar amount of products sold.

If Affiliate meets the same quota of sales for the following 90 days, Affiliate will now qualify for 15% commission of the total amount of sales.

Tier 2:

2. Affiliate refers $500.00 and up  USD in Sales within 30 days. Affiliate receives 15% commission of the total amount of sales excluding all shipping and taxes costs.

Affiliate needs to meet this monthly quota to stay in this Tier or they will be readjusted to Tier 1.

All affiliates qualify for a one-time 25% discount on all of our products to be able to market the brand efficiently. As an active affiliate, we can extend this discount at least 4 times throughout the year. Please contact our team for more information!