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Who We are, How and Why we do it...

ShapeWaist is a brand designed to empower modern women. A brand committed to excellence by manufacturing only the best and highest quality Shapewear.

Based strictly online, ShapeWaist launched in June 2014 selling our classic style of latex waist trainer, in three different colors. Four years later, we have in stock over 60 styles and colors, and we've reached over 90,000 clients worldwide. 

"ShapeWaist is into details. Excellence is in the details."

The company was founded by Giselle Alonso, a young entrepreneur whose business model was simple - motivate women towards a healthier lifestyle and provide them with the tools to motivate others. Aside from our supporting team of over 2000 girls worldwide who actively support the brand, our products have been featured in several music videos and editorials in magazines with models all over the world.

Our internet presence is solid and consistently growing with a current audience of over 85,000 subscribers to our social media channels and a team of influencers who stand behind our brand reaching over 10 millions subscribers.

“We’re E-commerce’s number one fan.”

ShapeWaist.com has been top 1% in its industry, for the past three years in active monthly visitors to the site. Our conversion rate is also 17% over industry standards. 


While we understand we are just at the beginning stages of what ShapeWaist will be, we'll love for you to be a part of our growing process. We are ready for the next level and we'll love for you to be with us as we move forward!

If you are ready to apply to join our team, simply enter your email below and one of our Senior Associates will approve your application within 48 hours.

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